CT: Subsidies should Shaped “Cash Transfer”

To reduce fuel subsidies ( BBM ) is increasingly bloated , Minister Coordinator ( Menko ) Economy Chairul said the budget could be diverted to the cash transfers (such as cash transfers ) are directly targeted to the people who really need . Because, according to the goods improper subsidies .

" The form should cash transfers . All subsidies that good is all the abolished stuff , " said CT in office, Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

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Furthermore , CT explained , to provide cash transfer , it must first be created single identification number , aka single identification number . With these numbers , the government can know the actual number of poor families .

" He ( the poor ) we love ( cash transfers ) . As we remove the entire subsidy , ideally no subsidy in the form of goods , " said CT .

CT explained , with reduced or elimination of fuel subsidies in particular the prices of basic commodities shoots up . In anticipation of an increase in the number of poor people due to rising prices of basic commodities , further CT , community group is what must be protected .

" Ideally it is no subsidy in the form of goods , meaning prices . Would rise , The poor and near-poor should be protected . Nah , protected by giving them money so that life becomes more difficult than now . Fact that could be better . That meaning the actual subsidy , "he said .


Agus Gumiwang sacked, Tantowi So Vice Chairman of Commission I

Commission of the House of Golkar Party Tantowi appointed as Vice Chairman of Commission I replace Agus Gumiwang . The change was made ​​Vice Chairman of Commission I Tubagus Hasanuddin in Parliament Complex in Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

" I get verbal from the Chairman of the Golkar faction ( also looked ) if Agus Gumiwang Tantowi replaced , " said Hasanuddin .

Hasanuddin had not been informed that underlie rotation positions in the commission . However according to the rules , it is the turn of the Golkar faction and internal rights commission is obligated to obey .

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" I get , the reason it ‘s internal affairs ( Golkar faction ) . We as chairman of Commission I , yes monggo ( please ) alone , " he concluded .

Until this news was aired , has not obtained confirmation from the Golkar party on grounds of rotation . Only , the change was made ​​after publicly supporting Agus Joko Widodo - mate Jusuf Kalla in the presidential election of 2014. Meanwhile Golkar support Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa .

Decree of the Chairman of Bakrie ‘s Golkar cause internal noise . Golkar cadres forced to resign from office or out of the Golkar because they want to support Jokowi- JK .


West Java Police Reveal 2 fuel Abuse Case

Special Criminal Investigation Directorate West Java Police uncover two cases of misuse of fuel oil ( BBM) in two different areas .

The first occurred in Kampung Cilitung , District Cililin , West Bandung Regency ( KBB ) , on May 16 last . ” There is one suspect with the initials AE . There is also a secured witness , ” said Head of West Java Police spokesman Senior Commissioner Martinus Sitompul Police , Police Headquarters in West Java , Bandung , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

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For evidence , one ton of diesel fuel were seized . Police also seized a truck , hose , and the distribution of fuel logbook . ” The suspect Modus buy subsidized fuel at the pump region and Rajamandala Citatah using jerry cans , transported by motorcycle taxi , then collected at the scene , ” he explained .

Once collected , the suspect using the fuel to fuel his backhoe in sand mining .

For the second case , the police arrested the U.S. , IJ , and CS in Kampung Pasirparos , Baleendah , Bandung District , recently. Mode suspect is buying diesel at filling stations in one region Banjaran using three vehicles. Inside the vehicle , there were already three plastic drums . Each vehicle can accommodate up to 1,000 liters of diesel fuel .

In order to get the fuel in large quantities , the suspect used the recommendations of the villages and districts . Recommended fuel that is purchased to be resold at retail . ” But the fact that the fuel is purchased and sold were taken to the base for the industry , ” said Martin .

In addition to securing the suspects , police also seized thousands of liters of diesel fuel , vehicles , pumps up the engine . For his actions , the suspects were charged under Article 53 in conjunction with Article 55 of the Law No. 22 Year 2001 on Oil and Gas . ” They could face 6 years in prison or a fine of Rp 60 billion , ” said Martin .


Chinese Manufacturing Reaches Highest Level in 5 Months

Chinese manufacturing activity moving rapidly in this month , and touched the highest level in five months . Despite this , the state government support is still needed in order to keep the economy moving.

Performance increases were seen manufacturing purchasing managers index ( PMI) reached 49.7 HSBC released this month . The highest level in the last five months . In the previous month , the Chinese PMI at 48.1 level .

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Indekstersebut assessed as a reflection of the Asian economy and become one of the key global economic growth . However , these achievements are still below the highest level recorded in December is 50.5 . It is caused by a number of sectors are still contracting .

" Improvements occurred on a wide scale , where the number of orders obtained by the Chinese industry to rebound , " said HSBC economist Hongbin Qu in a statement on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

" A number of the signs of economic stabilization emerged , particularly it relates to a mini stimulus disbursed and low mortgage interest rates , " he added .

In the first quarter grew 7.4 percent 2014perekonomian China , or lower than the period October-December 2013, which was at 7.7 percent . In March, Prime Minister Li Keqiang announced the country’s economic growth was at 7.5 percent this year .


He ‘s Essential Ingredients Chinese cuisine

ALL food has essential ingredients that make the food so delicious , not to mention the Chinese cuisine . Delicacy of Chinese cuisine will be dismantled here !

Chinese cuisine is needed in a high- speed cooking , because all materials used must have the original taste when eaten . The aroma and taste should taste .

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Here is an important ingredient in Chinese cuisine not to be missed in cooking as reported Timesofindia issues :

hoisin sauce

The sauce is important in Chinese cuisine . This sauce is usually used to fry , marinate the meat when used as a sauce or barbecue only. The sauce is also very popular for combining sweet and spicy . Made with sugar , sweet potato , wheat flour , garlic and other spices .


This food is often used in Chinese cuisine , its function is to have ginger ginger assessed levels of heat that Chinese society can make food so fresh . Ginger is often used liberally in Chinese cooking to add flavor and give the food to be more powerful .


Materials herb that is often used is garlic . Usually used in sauces as to add flavor and aroma to the food . Usually just sauteed onions alone .

soy sauce

These food items are also important ingredients in Chinese cuisine , typically used for seafood , meat and vegetables . This sauce is available in different varieties .

spice powder

This food is made ​​from mixing fennel , fennel seeds , szechuan pepper , cinnamon and cloves . This powder is also used on meat and vegetables . Although many variations , nothing can replace this ingredient in Chinese cuisine .


Compact Wear White Shirts, Prabowo-president Hatta Ask Permission

Pair candidates for president and vice president , Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa , with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the presidential office , Tuesday ( 14/05/2014 ) . Both are compact by using a white shirt .
Prabowo using combined white shirt with brown slacks that became his trademark . The Hatta using a white -sleeved shirt .

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When it comes to location , Prabowo said he wanted to meet President Yudhoyono to ask the views of various things . ” Political Communication yes to the Head of State and head of government of the state of the country’s leaders face soon there will be presidential elections . Necessary I think it is very good political communication . So , I came up consultation to ask his view , ” says Prabowo .

Prabowo attend unaccompanied Gerindra officials . He was only accompanied by four of his aides were using safari uniform brown color .

The first Hatta already exist in the president’s office . He waited limited Prabowo after attending his last meeting as Coordinating Minister for the Economy .

On arriving at the palace , Hatta admitted meeting with Prabowo communication with the President is authorized to declare himself forward as a prospective candidate for vice president . He also expressed his resignation .

According to Hatta , his resignation was done to avoid the possibility of abuse of authority . ” It is important to obey the rules of political education and legislation , ” said Hatta .


Millions SBY Prayer for Junior High School Students Participants UN

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono prays that the junior class IX students who are following the National Examinations start today given the ease of graduation.

The prayer was delivered SBY via his Twitter account, @ SBYudhoyono, Monday (05/05/2014) morning.

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"My children, survivors take the National Exam 3 days ahead. I wish all smooth and successful and graduated with the best results, "wrote SBY.

Meanwhile, UN participants otal equivalent to junior high in Indonesia reached 3.9 million more students. This does not include participants who took part Packet B, ie as many as 227,743 students.

Junior level or equivalent examination held for four days. On the first day of the subjects tested are Indonesian, followed by Mathematics, English, and science.


Not Restore iPod from the Secretary of the Supreme Court, the State Officials Can Be Sentenced

Law enforcement officials or state officials who receive a souvenir iPod son’s wedding reception when the Secretary of the Supreme Court , Nurhadi , could be convicted if the gift does not return within 30 days after the agency said it could potentially giving a gratuity .

" Article 12 , Article 13 (Law of Corruption ) , read only in the law , which is 30 days after it was hit gratification , " said KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto in Jakarta , Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) night .

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According to Bambang , the Commission has determined that the iPod is accepted officials , state officials , or law enforcement in reception Nurhadi child ‘s potential to be a gratuity and must be submitted to the state . According to Article 12b paragraph 1 of the Law on Corruption Eradication , any gratification to civil servants or state officials considered bribery when dealing with the opposite position and the obligations or duties .

The threat of punishment such as life imprisonment or imprisonment for 4 ( four ) years and a maximum of 20 (twenty ) years and a fine of Rp 200 million and Rp 1 billion at most .

However, in paragraph 1 of Article 12C stated that the provisions referred to in Article 12b paragraph ( 1 ) shall not apply if the recipient receives gratification gratification report to the Commission . While subsection ( 2 ) states , submission of the report referred to in paragraph ( 1 ) shall be conducted by the graft recipient no later than 30 (thirty ) working days from the date the dividend is received .

Bambang said the KPK leaders had signed a decree stating that most iPod potentially gratification . Within seven days after it is signed , an assessment that will be delivered to the recipient iPods that previously had been reported to the Commission . ” Most are signed by all the leaders and the chairman , would later be delivered to them , seven days after it is signed must be submitted , ” said Bambang .

A total of 256 people have reported reception when reception children Nurhadi iPod to the Commission . A total of 236 of these are the judges . Nurhadi Commission has requested information about the iPod souvenir .

Nurhadi into the media spotlight after holding his wedding reception , Rizki Aulia with partner Rizky Wibowo , Saturday ( 03/15/2014 ) , at the Hotel Mulia , Jakarta . In the reception , guests get an iPod Shuffle as a souvenir .

Officials and state officials present at the reception . 2,500 invitations were distributed in Nurhadi family , there are cards ( such as ATM card ) that uses a barcode . These cards can be redeemed for souvenirs of the iPod Shuffle .

Related iPod Shuffle Ittu , Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Justice ( IKAHI ) Gayus Lumbuun Branch of the Supreme Court along with a number of other judges have visited the Building Commission . IKAHI agree to report collectively the iPod Shuffle . However, Gaius judge granting an iPod that does not include gratuities are prohibited because the value is under $ 500 thousand . Gaius says that the price of the iPod Shuffle is ordered directly from the United States is USD 480,000 .


Closer look at Luxury Facility Jakarta International School

There are different when Okezone and a number of journalists visited the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) that the media spotlight lately because many cases of sexual abuse that plagued his students .

Once set foot into the expatriate child ‘s school on May 1, which coincide on the international labor day , the JIS seems welcome by journalists who want to cover the current conditions in the school , known as the super-tight security .

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Looks different atmosphere , where the school was a luxury bath luxury home aides abandoned . The leaves are falling appears to be ignored by the janitor , luxury cars passing was not as visible as usual .

However , when entered into the school yard area , visible graffiti wall that reads Respect , Responsibility , Fun , perseverence , Ballance Compassion , and Integrity .

Rows of English words that seemed to give a message to the public that halayak like that in real life the students who studied in JIS .

Not to forget the side walls plastered pictures of children smiling ria , framed by the words Relating , Revlectiveness , and Resourcefulness .

Do not stop there , the media crew also see the magnificent building which is located just in front of the photographs of the boy . Yes , the building is the Fine Arts Theatre with a capacity of approximately 1,000 people .

The building room contains various works of sculpture, sculpture , musical instruments art , and others . The view was as if to show his guests that the ’ occupants ’ of the school -spirited artist .

A few moments after the tour, media crews were then greeted by the principal, Timmothy Car . The white guy was greeted with friendly journalists . ” Hi how are you , ” he said initiating a conversation .

Timmothy then walked slowly introduce each corner JIS school . Arriving at one of the tree called healing tree . He then stopped his footsteps as he explained that the tree is a place where the kids put a short message about wanting aliases and their ideals .

While continuing to walk towards the mosque in the school complex JIS , Timmothy reporter quipped with remarks ’ JIS teacher said no religion ? ’ He was torn strongly denies the assumption.

" Here taught religion unversal . All religions and sects we introduce to children . Worship we release them , " said the middle-aged man who is familiarly called Mr. Timm was the English dialect .

He said the school also taught in Indonesian subjects , duration of 40-45 minutes each day . Indonesian subjects even be a graduation requirement for high school children . In addition , the students are also taught various Indonesian cultures .
Related to the issue of skewed assume that JIS is a reflection of western schools , and super- tight security system like embassies , Timmothy argued that the school upholds the ethics and safety aspects of the course . ” We learn the culture of the world, including Indonesian culture , ” he said .

It is ironic indeed , on the campus with a super-tight security , it is still just missed with sexual violence by unscrupulous janitor . ” Here the CCTV installed approximately 4,000 spread across the corner of the school which covers approximately 17 hectares , ” he explained .

Almost all the luxurious facilities introduced by Mr. Timm , ranging from first-class sports facilities , spacious theater room , to complete a super library . Unfortunately, journalists are not allowed to peek at the location of the events of sexual violence against his crowded in the media .

The journalists then asked why Mr. Timm refused showing the location of the harsh actions are shameful . Mr. Timm argued he did not want to make their students at JIS troubled by the presence of reporters .

" Because it can interfere with the privatization of the children , and we do not want them to be wondering , why no reporters " says Timmothy reasoned .

In fact , when it coincides with a national holiday . Where there is no visible activity of teaching and learning in the school . The media crew just smiled to hear answers to the head of the elite schools .


Rupiah Benefit “Confusion” U.S. dollar

Rupiah Benefit “Confusion” U.S. dollar
The rate of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar (U.S.) after the International Labor Day or May Day moving in the green zone.

Head of Research at Trust Securities, Reza Priyambada say, it is as a response to the market participants release the CB lower consumer confidence and Case Shiller Home price which makes the value of the U.S. dollar moved lower.

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"The rate of resistance levels Rp11.532 pass Rupiah per USD. Meanwhile, according to the BI middle rate, at the level of Rp11.567-Rp11.500 Rupiah per USD," said Reza in his research, Jakarta, Friday (02/05/2014).

According to Reza, not too strong U.S. economic data make a lot of speculation in the market will be a delay in cutting the stimulus so that the value of the U.S. dollar also weakened and utilized by the rate of other currencies, including the Euro to strengthen.

"The appreciation of rupiah also supported the statement of the World Bank responded positively Indonesian adaptation of risk management," he explained.