Police clashed Citizens Buol, A Citizens Injured

A resident in Buol , Central Sulawesi were hospitalized as a result of allegedly hit by stray bullets when police dispersed the crowd on Saturday ( 19/4 ) afternoon .

" I am now in the hospital saw the victim . Victims were treated so now we can not see straight , " said Mohammad Sharif , a resident contacted from Palu , Saturday night . He said that to date information regarding the emergence of citizen reaction to the police is still confusing .

" Clearly the trigger after the first division soccer match between Banyuwangi and Persbul ( Buol Football Association ) . Somehow , suddenly there is chaos and busy-busy people to the police because the police had wasted shots and tear gas , " he said . In addition , a motorcycle unit reportedly burnt but the owner of the vehicle is unknown .

Head of Public Relations Buol Aruji Government confirmed the victim was rushed to the hospital . Aruji asked that reporters be patient because information related to the event being traced chronology. “Soon I call again if the data is complete , ” he said .

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Buol in 2010 and been hit by riots after a traffic cases killed detainees in police holding cells . Residents and surrounded the police station , causing a clash with the police by residents .


Prabowo : We are Open for PDIP

Gerindra Party presidential candidate , Prabowo , said his party is open to all parties to form a coalition . “If PDIP want to join , we are open , ” said Prabowo at the head office of the United Development Party ( PPP ) , Jakarta , Friday, April 18, 2014 . Fact , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) has been officially brought alias Joko Widodo Jokowi as candidate president . ( Read : Will Shattered pencapresan Prabowo , If … )

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Prabowo openly declared his party because he wanted to form a grand coalition . ” We want to build a grand coalition because of our great nation . Later formed We want a strong government , ” said Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gerindra . ( Read : Puji Prabowo praised Islamic Party )

To realize the formation of the grand coalition , Prabowo said Gerindra continue intensive communication with a number of parties , such as the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the Democratic Party and the Golkar Party . ” Our envoy also communicate with Hanura , ” ujarmya .

PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali agreed with Prabowo . He said the party also wants to build a grand coalition with Gerindra . ” Mr Prabowo very open with the coalition or support to be provided by the other party , ” he said . ( Read : Need Voice 2 Gerindra Party Candidate for Prabowo )

However , for now , Suryadharma call between party and Gerindra braid as a coalition of grain . Grain , he said , is a symbol of well-being . In addition , ” Rice may also have the eagle ( the emblem Gerindra ) and the Kaaba ( the symbol of PPP ) , ” said Suryadharma .


Candidates Sellers & Toll Win Without Billboards

Legislative Candidates from the PDI-P , Jafar will sit in a chair swing Kolaka Parliament . Yet during this time as well as traders Jafar Yag pulse does not use attributes such as billboards and banners were installed on the streets .

When found , Jafar claim to be surprised by the great sound acquisition and successful mengalahakan eight other candidates from the same party . According to him , 98 people from 11 parties in dapilnya using banners and billboards that exist in every corner of the city .

The victory is of course welcomed by Jafar joy , not in 2009 when he had failed as a candidate despite already spending hundreds of millions of dollars .

But it did not make him flinch , Jafar was re-elected to Parliament in 2014 candidates and advanced from five constituencies and promised not to use billboards , banners and media to introduce himself to the public .

When it came to Jafar only homes and only two props are distributed cards and stickers for a limited budget . Do not forget he also reminded the residents to use the short message to vote for him .

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Meanwhile Jafar victory welcomed by local people . So far, Jafar , known as merchant credit voucher is a simple loop , kind and not arrogant in bertentangga .


Capitalized Student Advocacy since, Arif Wibowo Possible Major Selected Again …

There is a lot more struggling because highlighted in the technical field , Arif Wibowo was one of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle cadres are likely to be re-elected to Senayan . Currently he is Vice Chairman of Commission II of the House of Representatives . Capital , since a student advocacy .

" For voice , while I got the most votes and the PDI - P is likely to win again here , " said Arif , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) . He advanced to compete in the constituency covering the IV East Java Jember and Lumajang .

Arif said that he was working on a quick count to estimate the PDI - P to record the vote in the constituency exceeded the 2009 legislative elections as well as repeating his party ‘s landslide victory there . In the 2009 elections , the PDI - P in getting about 220,000 votes in the electoral district .

With the most votes in his party , he would almost certainly be re-elected. ( Stages of calculating the distribution of the allocation of seats in the House , read : Percentage Got Great Sound , political parties do not ” GR ” Formerly Chair about the House ) . Data refers to the 2009 elections , the price of seats in the constituency of East Java in figure IV is estimated at 120,000 votes.

Based on a quick count internally , Arif already garnered the support of more than 40,000 votes. Obtaining his voice is almost double the next highest vote totals from the PDI - P in the electoral district of East Java IV . The acquisition while voting for PDI - P in the constituency , the total had reached about 230,000 votes per Thursday night .

Capital since student

Arif first became a member of the House of Representatives based on the 2009 legislative elections . Directly stigmatized When other politicians Senayan pitch to capitalize the money , then Arif build political capital of advocacy activities since he was still a student nurse until now .

Alumni of the University of Jember since students already assisting farmers who snagged land disputes . “Capital mentoring , caring , and sincerity , ” he said .

Of course , communication with constituents is not only ahead of the election . His official residence in Kalibata , South Jakarta , was already known by the activists GMNI as a destination when there is activity in Jakarta .

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In the 2009 elections , Arif involved in the electoral process to be circuited officer ( LO ) PDI - P in the Election Commission . Currently , he has also formed a task force of counter crime elections in Jember .


The South Ferry with 450 passengers sinks Reported

A South Korean -flagged ferry carrying 450 passengers reported that sank in waters south of the country . Most of the passengers are known to be high school students .

South Korean authorities have deployed a number of coastal patrol boats and helicopters to help rescue . Not yet known is the fate of the passenger ship .

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" The ship sailed and sank , " said South Korean coast guard spokesman , told AFP on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

" There are about 450 people on board and we have coastal patrol boats , merchant ships in the area , as well as a number of helicopters deployed in the rescue operations , " he added .

The incident reportedly occurred at water locations within 20 miles of the southern coast of South Korea . Local media reported that most of the passengers of the ship is a high school student who was on a sightseeing trip to Jeju Island that do exist in the southern region of South Korea .

An agency official said that South Korean rescuers , at least 130 passengers have been evacuated from the sinking ship .

" We heard loud banging noises and the ship stopped moving . Ship began to tilt and we have to hold on to something to keep it in place , " said one of the passengers had been evacuated .

The rescue operation reportedly continued until today . The cause of the sinking is still unknown .


This quality 7 Toll Road in Lower Standards

JAKARTA - From the 29 toll road in Indonesia , seven of which did not meet the Minimum Service Standards ( MSS ) motorway second half of 2013. Seven toll roads also have not provided a letter to the Toll Road Regulatory Agency ( BPJT ) related to improving the quality of roads toll that they manage .

" The government will give time for 90 days from today to fix their SPM , " said Chief BPJT Ahmad Ghani Ghazali quoted from the pages of the Ministry of Public Works , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

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If not repaired within 90 days also , BPJT will drop the default ( injury appointments ) to the manager of the toll road .

The seven toll roads is up to now still not meet them due to SPM in potholes , poor street lighting , road signs are lacking , and also less board information system .

He said , each segment has a different cause of non-compliance of different SPM . Exemplified , in toll road Sediyatmo , Cawang - Tomang - Sky View - Pluit , Jakarta Outer Ring ( Jakarta Outer Ring Road ) , and Suramadu not pass SPM because street lights are not lit .

Meanwhile , the toll roads that did not pass because of the holes is the Cikampek - Purwakarta - Padalarang , and Padalarang - Cileunyi . For these two segments , traffic and heavy vehicles passing through it is extraordinary .

In addition, the following SPM examination results motorway second half of 2013 :

SPM toll roads meet :
1 . Semarang Section A , B , C
2 . Surabaya - Gempol
3 . Surabaya - Gresik
4 . The SS Waru - Juanda Airport
5 . Ujung Pandang Phase I and II
6 . Makassar Section IV
7 . JORR W1
8 . Semarang -Solo Section I
9 . Surabaya - Mojokerto Section IA

Toll roads that have not met the SPM :
1 . Sediyatmo Ir ( Cengkareng ) : Public Street Lighting Less
2 . Cawang - Tomang - Pluit - Sky View : street lighting Less
3 . Cikampek - Purwarkarta - Padalarang : Many Perforated
4 . Padalarang - Cileunyi : Many Perforated
5 . Jakarta Outer Ring : street lighting Less
6 . Bridges Surabaya - Madura ( Suramadu ) : Public Street Lighting Less
7 . Nusa Dua - Benoa - Ngurah Rai ( Bali Mandara ) : No Information Systems Board

SPM toll road that meets with a record ( given seven days to complete ) :
1 . Jakarta - Bogor - Ciawi ( Jagorawi ) : Guide post , reflector
2 . Jakarta - Cikampek : No hole
3 . Cawang - Tj Priok - Pluit - East Ancol : No hole

SPM toll roads meet after repair :
1 . Palimanan - Plumbon - Kanci
2 . Ulujami - Pondok Aren
3 . Jakarta - Tangerang
4 . Belawan - Medan - Tanjung Morawa
5 . Tangerang - Merak
6 . Serpong - Pondok Aren
7 . Bogor Ring Road Section I
8 . Kanci - Pejagan
9 . Cinere - Jagorawi Section I
10 . JORR W2 North


Bundling Samsung Galaxy S5, XL Offer Discounts up to $ 1.5 Million

XL launches the Samsung Galaxy S5 bundling programs with a number of benefits attractive to buyers . Customers can get the product bundling XL XL latest Samsung started 12 April 2014 at the XL Center in cities scattered across Indonesia .

XL offering price of Rp 8.8 million for postpaid subscribers . Customers will mendapatkann numbers pretty worth Rp 3 million and 72 GB of data , as well as discounts to Rp 750 thousand to $ 1.5 million for payments with credit card installment 12 months .

To relax and prepaid customers at a price of USD 8,499 million . Buyers will mendapatkab cash back from Rp 180 thousand to Rp 750 thousand

Deputy Director of Marketing XL - Kencono Wibowo said , ” the trend of the use of data services is increasing including the use of data services performed by XL . ” XL course is also committed to continue to provide ease and convenience for customers , including through the provision of service bundling XL with the latest generation of advanced smartphones , the Samsung Galaxy S5 , ” he said .

XL provides 200 units of Samsung Galaxy S5 for this bundling program . Products available include XL Center City starting at 10:00 pm . ” Customers will be provided a relaxed atmosphere of wait and relax, as well as food and snacks available , ” said Kencono .

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is designed with the latest Android OS v4.4.2 ( KitKat ) equipped with a Quad - core processor 2.5 GHz Krait 400 and has a front camera 16 MP , 5312 x 2988 pixels , phase detection autofocus , LED flash . With OS Kitkat more sophisticated than previous OS


Children poisoned Care, Woman Arrested

A Chinese woman was arrested for killing two children in daycare and preschool lead 30 other sick children by providing toxic food, according to a state media.

The woman, a security guard at the scene upset at having to leave his residence, “poison put into a bag of snacks and leave the food in the classroom”, Xinhua reported on Wednesday (09/04/2014) night, citing police Qiubei region, Yunnan province, southwestern China.

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Two daughters aged four and five years old died after being poisoned on March 19, the news agency reported earlier. Five other children were in critical condition immediately after being poisoned and 25 others were hospitalized.

An official in Qiubei told the AFP news agency on Thursday that all students are treated has been discharged from the hospital.
The suspect, named Zhao Jianzhi (44 years), has admitted the crime, Xinhua reported.

China has little daycare state-run preschool. Private day care is often expensive or have poor facilities, with teachers who are not qualified and inadequate safety.

Earlier this week, the head of the child care center in Hebei province, northern China, along with an aide was sentenced to death for killing two children with poisoned yoghurt, state media reported. Both men were poisoned last year a number of children in a revenge attack against rival daycare that has more participants, according to CCTV which is a state-owned television.

Last month, a day care center in the country have been accused of illegally giving drugs to preschoolers after two students at two nurseries in Shaanxi province were given antiviral. State media said the drugs are given in an attempt to boost the immune system and assure students of their presence, which will be linked to the school’s income.


Samsung ChatOn Now Can Delete Sent Messages are already

Mouth , harimaumu ! Malay adage often spoken by older people long ago . That is , the words that we say , could be a boomerang for ourselves , into a tiger and prey on ourselves. The adage is useful in reminding us to have to be careful in about the bush . But sometimes , there are moments where the mouth to act more quickly than the brain , so there is no remorse after the incident . Well , Samsung ChatOn well aware of such situations are common . That’s why in their messaging application for Android devices has just upgraded, injected some new features , including the ability to ” recall messages ” or delete the message .

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This is definitely a great added value in an instant messaging application . Especially when you send a message to the wrong person , or send the wrong message to the right people . Both the two, now you can pull back the message that has been sent , even if it has been read . So , keep a log message is now no longer so significant in an argument , because a person can cancel the message , especially the feud between couples or friends .

In addition to the recall facility messages , the application updates the Samsung ChatOn also supports the transfer of large files up to 1GB , which will be limited to 5 transfers per day per user . And you also can attach location data in the message using Glympse .

With the addition of useful features , it is enough to give a reason for you to download and install Samsung ChatOn Android device ?


Recalls Asep Sunarya, the cepot ‘sit’ in TPS

The departure puppeteer Asep Sunandar Sunarya still made an impression in the hearts of people of West Java , especially in Bandung Raya .

To commemorate Asep Sunarya , election organizers in the District 23 polling stations Ujungberung , Bandung displaying the cepot puppet puppeteer Asep is a mainstay Sunarya .

Chairman of TPS 23 Dada Hendra revealed , accidentally put the puppet around cepot TPS to raise the passion Sundanese art . ” It is also our cepot plug the memory of the late Asep Sunandar Sunarya . He is also one of the artists who became a role model all of us, ” he said , Wednesday, April 9, 2014 .

In addition to displaying the cepot , it also displays the puppet show gatot another glass as a garnish . ” The figure of the right character gatot glass gallant and brave. Us store here as the ’ supervisor ’ . Community order is not wrong in choosing , ” he explained .

The committee put up some decorations in the form of a set of traditional musical instruments , and Babarongan which is the original art from Ujungberung . “If these costs relative .

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's Also self from the community who are concerned with culture . Incidentally in our RW no art galleries also be able to borrow the tools arts , ” he said .